Eszter Ágnes SZABÓ & Syporca WHANDAL

Punk Kitchen Fanzine – Pirate Edition, 2015–

The Punk Kitchen eat-art fanzines date back to 2015, in which Eszter Ágnes Szabó discussed the on-going social procedures and their eat-art connections, including the transformation of diets. This topic was examined in an articles that were created in the spirit of zero waste.

Syporca Wandel reflects on these with “classical” fanzine master-copy-edits, which take plagiarism as piracy of the modern times for its foundation. She does graphical densification, plus corroborates the directness of eat-art fictions with trash and punk elements.

The graphics aren’t illustrations, neither waffling. They are the graphical embodiment of word spoken historical retrospection and future fictions of eat-art.

An unavoidable cheeky “question mark” is the fanzine’s thought and picture unit that would like to draw the people’s attention without dramatization to the change of approach. It draws a parallel between the nowadays continuously narrowing source possibilities and the pirates’ cruelly pragmatic solutions.

It sees the freedom’s illusory picture in the independence or in getting independent. Getting independent of the decreasing, in the international and national gastronomy incorporated ingredients. It highlights the creative combination of nature and our diminishing energy sources based on practical and traditional techniques.

The described food preparation techniques are originated in historical times; over and above individual recipes are outlined that are seasoned with absurd ideas.

Piracy and the pirates’ self-serving anarchism, aggressiveness could become an example, how one can eat and think as an environmentally conscious person. Nowadays the suppression of consumption can be reached by the piracy of on-going economic trends and commerce relationships.

The pirate edition examines an independent pirate culture. On the one hand because of in the 17th century increasing trading activity; on the other hand it offers solutions for the hard times. The artistic, literary and social integration of pirate stories in our everyday lives aims to provide morals from the illustration of the original and own recipes, as well as the pirate utopias, like urban or state experiments. In the fanzine such names can be found like William Dampier, the Tudós-Kalózséf/(Scientist-Piratechef), Daniel Defoe és a Mission kapitány (and the Captain Mission), William S. Borroughs, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Hakim Bey, Péter Hegedűs/Ogi, and last but not least Károly Tóth Eniste Überground.

The fanzine was made in Hungarian language and in English too, but the English version also contains additional articles and it only matches graphically in 20% with the imagery of the Hungarian version.

The exhibited pages were created by the scanning-digitalization of the master copies and printing the now tangible edition of Punk Kitchen Fanzine Pirate Edition.

The premiere of the fanzine was at ACB Gallery’s tent at Sziget Festival, in the summer of 2019.

Syporca Whandal