NO MAN’S LAND, 2017-2018

Gideon Horváth’s No man’s land project deals with the concept of the sublime in the age of the Anthropocene in a series of long-exposure infrared photos. According to the british philsophy professor, Timothy Morton, we live in a geological age in which all kinds of hyperobjects penetrate our reality. They are unpercievable in their entirity, we can only catch glimpses of them from the corner of our eyes. How could we understand the incomprehensible complexity of the global warming or the biosphere? Infrared radiation is essential for our world but it is invisible for the human eye even though a significant part of Earth’s flora and fauna senses it. The scenery that unfolds in these photos might help us to reevaluate our anthropocentric way of structuring the many realities that surround us in the age of the global ecological crises.